A heartbreaking elimination has led to only four teams remaining on Season 29 of “The Amazing Race.” Now, one more team will fall short of the final leg and the chance to win $1 million—but which one will it be?

Spoiler Alert: The Endings Of Season 29, Episode 8, “I Thought We Were Playing It Nice” and Season 29, Episode 9, “Riding A Bike Is Like Riding A Bike” are discussed below.

Fans of Team Fun are definitely no longer going to love watching the season play out, after witnessing Becca and Floyd’s race come to an end in Ninh Binh, Vietnam when the heat and the amount of effort he had to exert by completing the Roadblock three times became too much for Floyd to handle. A medic was called and the pair were not given the okay to continue racing before all of the other teams had checked in, meaning they were eliminated from the race.

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Now, with just one more leg to go before the race heads back to the U.S., one more team will need to say goodbye to the competition  once and for all. Here’s how we think the teams will rank when it comes to making it the final three.

Matt Ladley And Redmond Ramos (#TheBoys):

MATT AND REDMOND Matt and Redmond will most definitely be in the final leg of “The Amazing Race.” Photo: CBS

Once again, Matt and Redmond didn’t seem to let anything stop them from staying at the front of the pack in both Hanoi and Ninh Binh. Working together, they moved quickly, got tasks completed efficiently, and managed to get to the Pit Stop in a second place finish during the first leg, followed by a first place finish in the second. Redmond seemed to struggle a tiny bit at times with his leg, but never in a way that indicated the team will suddenly be in trouble when the race heads to South Korea. They will be in the final three for sure.

Tara Carr And Joey Covino (#TeamMomandDad):

TARA AND JOEY Tara and Joey will be in the final leg of “The Amazing race.” Photo: CBS

In a shocking twist, Tara and Joey found themselves at the bottom of the pack for the first time in Hanoi, after being forced to switch Detours when they realized the available spots for the first one had all been given out. Their bad luck intensified when they made a mistake while completing their actual task, and combined with their health not being at its best during the leg, the two came in last. They were saved by it being a non-elimination leg, and came back stronger in the second leg, placing third. Though their last place finish in Hanoi showed they have some weakness, it seems unlikely that it will affect them again in the future.

Plus, their freshly ignited rivalry with Brooke and Scott has will likely continue to fuel their desire to beat them, meaning their place in the final three also seems guaranteed.

London Kaye and Logan Bauer (#TeamLoLo):

LOLO Despite seeming like they could be headed for elimination, London and Logan will prevail and make it to the final leg of “The Amazing Race.” Photo: CBS

Despite never finishing first, or even in the top of the pack at all throughout the race, London and Logan making the final leg seems like a safe bet. They are strong competitors who simply take things slow to make sure they get them right the first time. In addition, they get along well and never let the stress bring them to a place where they don’t communicate with one another. Theoretically, their designation as the last team right now should mean they won’t make it past South Korea, but their teamwork will get them through to the final three.

Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary (#TeamBrookeandScott):

They’ve managed to move up considerably in the rankings now, claiming second after the leg in Ninh Binh. Being at the top bodes well for them in South Korea and seems to indicate they will make it to the final three as well, but the fundamental problems they have as a team are still standing in their way. Their communication with one another is really bad most of the time, and they tend to always place blame on each other when things don’t go their way. Plus, they have attempted playing dirty at several points, which, while it seems more necessary at this point in the Race, isn’t sitting well with their competitors. Not only are they absolutely in the middle of a feud with Tara and Joey, but they also managed to get into a small tiff with London and Logan in Hanoi. That one seemed to resolve itself before Ninh Binh, but if they can’t build alliances with the remaining teams and aren’t able to get past their issues with each other, there isn’t any hope they’ll make it to the final leg.

“The Amazing Race” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.