Mike and Liz on "The Amazing Race"
Liz and Mike may find themselves with an unexpected target on their backs when a double U-Turn once again looms over the teams when “The Amazing Race” heads to Athens on the May 11, 2017 episode. CBS

They were the team that executed the agreed-upon double U-Turn in Lake Como, Italy against Vanck and Ashton, which made them invaluable to the rest of the remaining teams on “The Amazing Race.” However, their own resilience despite seeming like a team that should have been eliminated some time ago could cause Mike and Liz to find themselves now facing a dreaded similar fate in Athens on the Thursday, May 11 episode.

When the CBS competition series heads to Greece, Mike and Liz will already be at a disadvantage compared to the other teams because they will have to perform a Speed Bump task after being saved in the previous leg because it was a non-elimination round. Even though they are friendly with the other teams, and they are all still grateful that the two U-turned Vanck and Ashton and got them eliminated, their luck so far on the race seems to keep rescuing them at their lowest points, and it might persuade the others to act out against them.

Mike and Liz had initially seemed like longshots to have success during the season, especially after a disastrous first leg that saw them saved only because the team before them, Kevin and Jen, had accrued a penalty that hadn’t finished. They followed it up with three strong legs in a row however, winning two and placing third in another. However, things fell apart for them again in Norway, and they finished last. They were given a miracle when Phil Keoghan revealed the leg was still continuing on however, meaning they hadn’t been eliminated. After putting their differences aside, they came back strong on the next leg, finishing fourth. Unfortunately, they struggled once more in Venice, where they were saved by the non-elimination, but warned about their Speed Bump.

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The remaining teams could take notice of how all three times Liz and Mike were last to arrive at the Pit Stop, something intervened which kept them still in the competition, and the U-Turn may cause one of the other teams to decide that it isn’t worth the risk of letting them possibly get lucky all the way to the finish line and the $1 million prize.

In a tweet by the show’s official account, it seems likely that Liz and Mike truly will be U-Turned, as it hints that the U-Turn will be used, and that when the team targeted is revealed, it will cause issues amongst the remaining teams.

As for which team may turn on Liz and Mike, it’s unclear. Matt and Redmond, Becca and Floyd, Tara and Joey, Brooke and Scott and London and Logan could all wind up beating them to the U-Turn board, and any one of those teams could be the one that makes the move. Any of them could also have the simple motive of wanting to make sure luck can’t work in Liz and Mike’s favor, or even just wanting to guarantee that another team would have very little chance of surviving the leg. The team with the least likely chance of survival would be one which has to complete a Speed Bump and both Detours if they’re U-Turned.

If the U-Turn does cause tension, as the tweet from the show suggests, it could be because it came from a team that has seemed closer and friendlier with Mike and Liz throughout. Since they have tended to run their own race the entire time and generally steer clear of the other teams, it doesn’t seem like the U-Turn would come from Tara and Joey. Similarly, Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd have always finished in the top half of the competition from the beginning, meaning they may not feel threatened enough by Liz and Mike to U-Turn them. If that is true, then it would mean that either Brooke and Scott or London and Logan made the move.

Will Brooke and Scott or London and Logan U-Turn Liz and Mike? Or will someone else derail their chances? Find out on “The Amazing Race,” airing Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.