More than one-third of Canadian workers have dated someone working at the same company, and 15 percent of them said it’s happened more than once, according to a survey from

The group, which released its survey Thursday, asked more than 400 full-time private-sector workers about where their office romances started, who was involved, and the myriad consequences.   

For instance, nearly a quarter of respondents said they ended up marrying the person they met at work, but about 17 percent said that one or both people were already married during the affair.

And although more than a fifth of people said they dated someone who was higher-ranking at the company, fewer than 2 percent saw their careers advance because of it.

“Proceed with caution,” the report warns, before explaining that 7 percent of workers end up having to leave their jobs because of office romance.

Other snippets of advice include “think before you post,” and “don’t date the boss.”

But people still looking to make it happen would do well to avoid office parties and stay in for lunch.

Fewer than 3 percent of respondents met at holiday functions, while about 14 percent say they first encountered their office fling in the lunchroom, and 11 percent said the same for a late night at work.

The Leisure and Hospitality industry turns out to be the most romantic, with 57 percent of employees having a work relationship. Utilities and Information Technology were also pretty high, with 51 and 46 percent, respectively.

About 38 percent of financial service workers had office romances, with retail not far behind at 35 percent.