After finding success with guessing dog breeds and ages, Microsoft appears to be gearing up to launch a new website that can guess which celebrity a user looks like. CelebsLikeMe, which shows a percentage match with the celebrity an uploaded photo looks most like, was spotted by Twitter user h0x0d on Wednesday, before it was swiftly taken down again.

Screenshots taken before the site went down reveal that Microsoft is focusing specifically on matching photos to Oscar nominees. The Oscars are scheduled to take place on February 28, so it is possible the site will go live closer to the date as a tie-in with the event.

It's not the first time the site has been spotted. It was also live at a different web address on January 23, in a much earlier stage of development. This version was far from ready as it returned a 100 percent match with Emma Stone every time, according to Twitter user arcadio_g_s.

Microsoft has previously offered similar websites that can guess a user's age and identify which breed of dog is pictured. "How Old Do I Look" used tools from Project Oxford, an artificial intelligence platform. Those tools were also used to develop an alarm clock called "Mimicker Alarm" that wouldn't stop ringing until the user took a selfie.

They may seem like pointless projects, but the websites demonstrate Microsoft's machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. In the case of "Mimicker Alarm," the app's source code was released to developers so that they could understand how to build apps that incorporate similar artificial intelligence features.