Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has confirmed the speculations that the repeated delays of the white version of the iPhone 4 were indeed due to light leakage problems in connection with the phone's camera.

In an interview with Joshua Topolsky, editor of the tech blog Engadget, Wozniak revealed that when he tried to take a picture with the white iPhone's flash, the photo looked as if it were taken through cellophane.

With this, Wozniak effectively confirmed the hearsay making the rounds among gadget hounds that the white case of the device caused light leakage when the flash was used. This caused the company to delay the launch of the much-awaited white version of the iPhone, which was originally released seven months ago.

The earlier speculations suggested that the pictures got washed out when the flash is used as the back of the white iPhone is semi-translucent.

The issue was reportedly detected just ahead of the shipping of the white devices. Irrespective of when the problem was detected, the stoppage of the launch of the white iPhone 4 may have saved Apple from further damage to its image, since the company was already facing the wrath of the consumers over the phone's reception problems.