For those who seek a white iPhone 4 and can't wait for it to arrive in the U.S., it's now possible to get one if you are willing to fly to Europe.

A Belgian retailer called Van Roey has the white iPhone 4 on its web site. For €639.99 ($937) one can get the 16GB version or for €749 ($1,100) the 32 GB version. It seems to be shipping in the Benelux region only.

The white iPhone has been rumored for so long it might be difficult for some people to believe it will ever actually hit store shelves. Back in June, when the iPhone 4 was unveiled, Steve Jobs held a white version, but only black ones were available when they were pre-ordered.

At the time Apple said the white iPhone was more difficult to make than they thought. The device has been postponed twice.

The iPhone 4 has also had its share of technical problems. Soon after its release last summer customers complained of antenna problems when the phone was held a certain way. The reception problems were caused by the phone's design, in which the antenna was on the outside edge. The affair, known as 'antennagate' prompted a rare public appearance by Steve Jobs in which he apologized and offered free iPhone cases.

And now, on top of all that there is the iPhone tracking data controversy, though it isn't clear if that has hurt sales any. Nor is it clear whether the wait for the white iPhone will push many customers to just wait for the next iteration of the device altogether.