Several people were arrested in Texas after a group of protesters who identified themselves as a White Lives Matter group faced down a crowd of Black Lives Matter supporters. In total eight individuals were arrested, all charged with misdemeanors, the Associated Press reported Sunday.

“Some protesters assaulted other protesters,” Sgt. Victor Taylor of the Texas Department of Safety said. “We don’t know for sure which side they were on. A lot of them were co-mingled,” he stated.

The protest began on Saturday morning during the presentation of a monument that honors African Americans and their contributions to the state. The memorial is near several other monuments, including some that honor confederate soldiers who served during the Civil War.

“The fact is African Americans have shaped this land that we are on today since long before it was even named the state of Texas. They fought for their own freedom. They fought for the freedom of Texas and the freedom of the United States of America,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbot said during the unveiling.

The monument marked the 21st one placed on capitol grounds dedicated to a minority group. Back in 2012, a Tejano monument in honor of Mexican-American history was added.

During the protest, one of the members of the White Lives Matter group stated that they were worried about “white people’s preservation.” They called other protesters “anti-white and anti-American.”

Four people were arrested for assault, two people were charged with evading arrest, one person was charged with disorderly conduct and another was charged with interference with public duty. 

“If you do something to me because you don’t like me, you should be charged with a hate crime. Just like if I did something to these people, it should be a hate crime. We are out here as Americans wanting justice, that’s it,” said a member of the White Lives Matter group.