width=300The Los Angeles County coroner reported Thursday what we all suspected – that Whitney Houston had many drugs, including cocaine, in her system when she died – but police are saying no cocaine nor cocaine residue was found in her Beverly Hilton Hotel room during the search after her death.

One possibility is that she had simply done it all before she died Feb. 11, but given the singer's prolific habit, this immediately raised questions: What happened to the cocaine?

Just hours after the report was released, TMZ is now claiming to have answers. (Hm, suspicious timing!)

According to someone who was supposedly with Whitney Houston the day before she died, an individual removed all traces of cocaine from the room before authorities arrived.

Okay, an individual – but who?

TMZ gives us a hint: The individual who removed the cocaine was also the person who supplied it to Whitney. And the cocaine was not the only thing to disappear, TMZ says – bedsheets were also previously reported as missing from the hotel room.

After Whitney died, eventually a strict security cordon was set up, but in the frantic moments right after the discovery was made, the hotel was left unsecured, as evidenced by the photo of Whitney Houston's body on the gurney in the hallway outside of her room that leaked soon after her death.

The timing of the rumor is, however, suspicious – Whitney's been dead for nearly six weeks, so is it really likely that someone had this information and waited to cash out? The scoop surely would have been more valuable in the days immediately after the singer's death, so why wait until now to spill the beans?

A lot of rumors have been flying in the wake of Whitney's death – about her, about her lovers, and about her family – and it's getting hard to tell what's true and what's not.