Some of Whitney Houston’s biggest fans were in India.

After the tragic death of the 48-year-old pop singer in Los Angeles on Saturday, a number of prominent Indian musicians and others mourned her passing.

AR Rahman, the renowned film composer and multi-instrumentalist, wrote on his Twitter account: Another shining star of the music world gone too soon...! We will miss you, Whitney... Respect and prayers for you!

Shweta Pandit, the playback singer, noted: It is such a sad note to wake up to. Whitney has been my inspiration and my guru when it comes to vocal perfection.

Louiz Banks, an Indian jazz musician, said of Whitney: She has been one of the most inspiring singers. Her songs are going to be treasured by many. She has been the complete [star], giving her all for music.

Vishal Dadlani, another top film score composer, told reporters: She's inspirational. She's given us some of the most unforgettable hits. She's a great singer and artist. I fondly remember her music and her films.

He also tweeted: “RIP Whitney Houston. What a singer, what an artist, what a life! Goodbye, and may you find happiness.”

Raghu Dixit, an Indian rock star, lauded Houston.

She was a great singer with such a powerful voice, yet this death makes us ponder how vulnerable a human being she must have been, he told Indian media.

Perhaps the Indian columnist, Mini Anthikad-Chhibber, writing in The Hindu newspaper put it best when she wrote: “To untrained ears, [Whitney Houston] sounded at once powerful and pure, soaring and smooth, silky and sensuous, rich and spare. One was reminded of a brilliant bird skimming the surface of a crystal clear lake, once in a while plunging to the cool blue depths only to soar a minute later to the skies.”