Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills The cast of "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills." Photo: Tumblr

It's no secret that we live in a society that's obsessed with money. We like to make it, and we like to spend it. People who work hard deserve to spend their money as they see fit, right?

But what about those who don't have to work? And on any given day, just spend as much money as they want? That's the premise behind E!’s newest reality TV  show, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” The series focuses on five rich, young adults from Beverly Hills whose parents have established a wonderful life for themselves and their children, and essentially allow their kids to spend as much money as they want on the latest Birkin bags and Louboutin shoes. The show is based on the popular Tumblr blog Rich Kids of Instagram, which features wealthy people showing off absurdly expensive purchases.

So who are these people? The cast mates are Morgan Stewart, Dorothy Wang, Roxy Sowlaty, Brendan Fitzpatrick and Jonny Drubel. While it is unclear what each parent does, Morgan's father is a prominent architect, and Dorothy's father is on the Forbes list of "Top Wealthiest People in The World," thanks to various successful business ventures.

The first three episodes of the show have featured the five young adults, who are all in their mid-twenties, spending thousands of dollars on shopping and partying. During the first episode, for example, Roxy spent close to half a million dollars on purchases. She noted that her parents gave her six unlimited credit cards. By the second episode, her family was threatening to cut her off financially.

Most viewers are unimpressed with the show because they can't relate to the casts' extravagant lifestyles.

“I love watching the life style of real rich people who at one point had nothing, worked hard then became successful and are now enjoying their [lives], that's awesome. But I'm not gonna watch a show about their spoil brat kids.... no way Jose!! [sic],” one commenter wrote about the show. “So they're rich and flaunting it; so what? I'm not being forced to watch it. I'm not going to watch it so, out of sight ...,” another said.

While one of the most common perceptions is that the stars of the show just live off their parents, they are quick to explain that they do in fact have jobs, though the series has yet to show them working.

“People get upset because we quote, ‘don’t work.’ In fact, we all have jobs," Drubel told Wetpaint. “It’s the biggest misconception. Brendan sold his first house when he was 18 years old. I think that every single person who’s criticizing him has never done that, and will probably never do that in their whole entire life,” Drubel explained. When he was 19, Fitzpatrick sold his first house for $15 million. Now, he's a real estate agent at a major firm.

“Roxy’s in the interior design business, Morgan’s blog [] is taking off. Dorothy has not only worked for her parents’ company, but she’s starting her own businesses,” Drubel added.

Will you be tuning into E!’s latest reality TV show?