While most people are familiar with celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D for her beautiful portrait tattoos and stints on reality television, not everyone is acquainted with her friend, fellow artist B.J. Betts. Betts got dragged into drama between Von D and Jeffree Star when she said the makeup mogul owed Betts money for a logo he created.

Both Von D and Star issued lengthy statements where they told their sides of the story. Each had a video that was more than 10 minutes long, but Betts simply replied to the controversy with a simple statement. To find out more about the silent figure amid this tumultuous battle, continue reading below:

1. He shies away from the spotlight. Where Von D has 1.8 million followers and Star has over 720,000 followers, Betts has a mere 10,000.

2. He’s a tattoo artist like Von D. Betts got involved with Star to create a logo for his makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but Betts does more than just drawing. Even though the feud between Von D and Star was raging, Betts ignored the drama and posted a picture of an aquatic themed tattoo he did for someone.

3. He’s a traveler. On Twitter Betts said he lives in Delaware/Pennsylvania, but he also added that he lives “all over.”

4. Like Star, he has a background in music. Betts used to play the saxophone as a kid and moved to being a DJ. “I deejayed some pretty decent-sized gigs with some pretty famous DJs like Cash Money, Cosmic Kev and Jazzy. Looking back at it now, it was pretty epic!” he told Inked Magazine in 2015.

5. Before tattooing he was in the military and has a mutual love for both professions. “I received a medical discharge and had to start looking at other options. I wanted to do something I loved,” Betts told Inked Magazine in the same interview. “I loved the travel and camaraderie of military life, but I really had no idea that tattooing would fill those needs and wants on a large scale. Tattooing has given me the opportunity to travel and meet so many people I consider to be life-long friends.”

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