The teenager who claimed to have broken into CIA Director John Brennan's email account last year may have struck again. The United States' Office of the Director of National Intelligence confirmed to reporters Wednesday that James Clapper's account had been compromised.

“We’re aware of the matter and we reported it to the appropriate authorities,” spokesman Brian Hale told Motherboard, which first reported the hack. Hale also confirmed the incident to NBC News, though he did not give further details.

The alleged hacker, who calls himself "Cracka," contacted Motherboard Monday to boast that he'd accessed the director of national intelligence's personal email, home phone and Internet as well as his wife's email. Cracka said he forwarded all of Clapper's home phone calls to the Free Palestine Movement, which the hacker has previously named as the inspiration behind his hacking sprees.

"I just wanted the gov to know people aren’t f*****g around, people know what they're doing and people don’t agree #FreePalestine," Cracka told Motherboard.

Cracka, who said in the New York Post last year that he was a marijuana-smoking high school student, claimed to have gained access to Brennan's email in October. The hacker posted Brennan's contact list and other screenshots on Twitter, while WikiLeaks published some of the CIA leader's documents that same month. "What it does is to underscore just how vulnerable people are to those who want to cause harm," Brennan told reporters. "We really have to evolve to deal with these new threats and challenges."

Clapper, 74, has been the director of national intelligence since 2010. He was accused of perjury in 2013 for denying that the government secretly collected Americans' data. Clapper later said he "simply didn't think" about the National Security Agency at the time, according to the Guardian.