Tyga’s baby-mama Blac Chyna trashed her former best friend, Heather Sanders, on Snapchat Sunday, beginning a new feud after rumored feuds with Amber Rose and Tyga’s girlfriend Kylie Jenner. The feud with Sanders began Sunday after the she and her boyfriend King Trell posted something on hairlines and Chyna thought it was about her.

Chyna called Sanders a “b----” for not confronting her face-to-face while Sanders responded by calling Chyna a “psycho b----” for assuming the comments were about her. Sanders was discussing the topic with her partner Trell, who is close to Tyga.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” Sanders said, adding: “Why would I be talking about your hairline… I could start from your t****** to your a**, inner thigh, knee, ankle, teeth, nose, eyebrow…

“You thought we were talking about you and we weren’t…  You are so hurt. I know you are. So drunk and on drugs…You have all these houses, all these cars, but you are still so hurt and lonely inside. You’re a f***** up person and it’s sad,” Sanders said in response to Chyna’s allegations of not turning up when King Cairo’s mother visited her one night.

Chyna reportedly responded to Sanders’ comments about calling her a psycho by saying: “I could show you just how psychotic I really am. You could bring whoever.”

Chyna also sent a Snapchat photo of herself and captioned it saying: “Maybe one day you too can look like this.”

According to a report by Hollywood Life, Sanders and Chyna had a fallout after the latter broke up with Tyga. Sanders also posted a photo with Jenner on her Instagram account earlier this month congratulating the latter on her massive sales of her lip kit. Another report by Hollywood Life said that Sanders was the inspiration behind Jenner’s big lip look and her multi-colored hair. The closeness between Sanders and Jenner is believed to have annoyed Chyna even more.

According to a report by Hollywood Life, Sanders owns Sorella, an online boutique that that caters to teenagers and women from outside of Los Angeles or New York. She has a baby daughter named Zoe Skye Meeks with Trell and regularly posts photos of her and the baby on her Instagram account, which has about a million followers.