Actress Keira Knightley is engaged to The Klaxons member James Righton. But who is the Pirates of the Caribbean star's new fiancé?

James Righton, who sings and plays keyboard for British indie band The Klaxons, started going out with Keira Knightley around March 2011.

Knightley moved on from her five-year relationship with her Pride & Prejudice co-star, Rupert Friend and started seeing Righton.

Keira's really smitten with James but wants to just quietly get on with it and see what happens, a friend of Knightley's told The Daily Mirror at the time.

The friend told the tabloid the couple was introduced by British model and writer Alexa Chung.

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton praised Knightley's choice of her new boyfriend James Righton in an April 2011 blog post.

Glad to see you're putting yourself back out there, gurl! Especially after such a long relationship - that can be tough sometimes! the blog wrote.

Keira Knightley's publicist confirmed the couple's engagement Friday, although no wedding details have been released.

Before joining The Klaxons, Righton, 28, was an English teacher over in England, according to a story from Minnesota Public Radio.

The Atonement star usually tries to keep her relationships private, the New York Post noted.

But she opened up once to magazine Marie Claire on her love life, the Post reported.

It's nice to feel wanted, like you're being chased. It's hard to have a relationship when I'm working so much, though, the actress said. But then you have to think, What is actually important in life? It's a difficult compromise.