U.S. Army vetern Noah Galloway melted hearts when he performed during the Season 20 premiere of "Dancing With the Stars." But Monday night, he proved that his girlfriend Jamie Boyd was the only one who truly had his love when he dedicated Darius Rucker’s “Homegrown Honey” to her.

“I want to be there to support you, but please know I’m there to support you,” Boyd, who is also in the armed forces and is away at basic training, said during clip on the show.

“I wish Jamie could be at this dance. It’s dedicated to her. I want her to know how much I love her and how much I miss her and how much she means to me. Jamie, you’re my homegrown honey, and this song’s for you," he told the cameras. 

Galloway, who performed with partner Sharna Burgess, received a 27 for his country-inspired dance. The judges loved it and deemed the performance a “hot” number.

To the shock of viewers and Galloway, his beloved girlfriend surprised him and flew in early. She was there for his dance and greeted him with a huge hug.

Before the first show, he took to Facebook to thank his wife: “To my family, girlfriend, friends, fellow veterans and complete strangers that have showed me nothing but total support, thank you." 

Galloway, 33, got a divorce from his first wife, whom he shares one child with, while recovering from losing his left arm and leg in a bombing. “I remember thinking it was all over. I was very physical. I'd lost two limbs, a wife. You know, I remember thinking I much rather had died than wake up like this,” he told CNN in 2012. But, the marathon athlete was able to find love again with Boyd.

He and Burgess survived the first week of eliminations. Tune in to “DWTS” Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC to see their next dance.

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