Internet sensation Ken Bone shot to fame after the second presidential debate during which he asked presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump about their energy policies. The famous undecided voter in his signature red sweater is also an Election Day emoji. But has Bone finally made his decision?

Bone told the New York Times after the second debate that he is leaning toward Republican nominee Trump but Democratic nominee Clinton “really impressed me with her composure and some of her answers last night.”

Bone admitted he was “a bit let down” by the personal attacks, adding that, “There were a lot from both sides, but I feel like Mr. Trump did a lot more of the talking over and the personal attacks.”

“I would have liked to see less of that and more on the issues,” he said. He told CNN the debate “almost felt like watching mom and dad fight.”

However, the 34-year-old made it clear he will not be endorsing either candidate, adding that he hadn’t been approached by either campaign for the same. He also said he will not reveal who he’ll be voting for till after Election Day.

“I’m happy to do as much media as people need to me to talk about the process and talk about getting people out to vote,” Bone told MSNBC. “I will state that I will not endorse either candidate and you will not hear me saying who I will be voting for before the election is over. If you hear that, it’s not me.”

The Illinois voter lost some fans after a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session post the debate in which he told users that he thought the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in Florida was “justified.”

“From what I’ve learned about Zimmerman through his statements, interviews and behavior, he is a real s--- bird,” Bone, an operator at a coal plant, said. “Bad guy legally kills kid in self-defense. Sucks for everybody, including us."