Kristi Capel, a news anchor for Fox 8 in Cleveland, apologized after she used a racial slur on the air Monday morning. She started to praise Lady Gaga for her “Sound of Music” tribute at Sunday night's Academy Awards, but then used the offensive term "jiga--- music" to describe Gaga’s usual sound.

After Capel received backlash on Twitter, she issued an apology. "I do apologize if I offended you. I didn't know the meaning behind it or that it was even a word," she wrote to one Twitter user. "Thank you for watching." E! News wrote she issued that apology “multiple” times.

Hours later, the anchor sent out an overarching apology. “I deeply regret my insensitive comment. I didn't know the meaning and would never intentionally use hurtful language. I sincerely apologize,” she said. The tweet was shared and liked dozens of times.

Fox 8 news director Andy Fishman said in an email to the New York Daily News that Capel did not know what the term meant. "Kristi apologized on the air shortly after making the remark. She did not know what the word meant but that is no excuse for using it. ... We have spoken with her and are confident nothing like this will happen again."

Lady Gaga has not responded to the comment. Instead, she has promoted her Oscar performance and shared photos of her hugging “Sound of Music” legend Julie Andrews.

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) February 23, 2015

Gaga’s performance at the Oscars was much different from things she has done in years past. She showcased her voice in a way that seemed to make Andrews proud.

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