Professional video game player Luke Inwood, known for playing the "Call of Duty" series, died Tuesday in a car crash, but details of his death have not been confirmed. The Massachusetts teen played professionally for the eXcellence Gaming team and was known by his online handle, Froggir.

Fans of Inwood, 17, and the ExGaming team took to social media to show support for the team and the Inwood family. The ExGaming team is gathering donations for the Inwood family through the live stream posted below. More information can be found at the eXcellence Gaming Twitter page.

In addition, the owner of the Relapsed clan, with which Inwood was associated, has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the Inwood family.

Inwood competed in Major League Gaming competitions, a global gaming league that livestreams its competitions for millions of viewers across the globe. The growing profession can be immensely profitable for those good enough to compete professionally, but much like other professional sports, it takes countless, tiring hours of practice and preparation to compete at the highest level.