Mallory Edens apparently was the best part of the National Basketball Association’s draft on Tuesday night. The daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wesley Edens appeared at the draft lottery and is well on her way to becoming an overnight star.

The beautiful blonde, 18, went from 800 Twitter followers to 4,000 followers in less than 20 minutes, reported.

Edens soon became a trending topic on Twitter, with many users making quips about the teenager's good looks. Her followers are multiplying; by 9 p.m. EST, she had more than 11,000.

Edens does not have an official account and there already other imposters out there. But none of them have the same following as the handle @MedensEdens. She hasn’t responded to her sudden spike in popularity. In fact, she just began to use Twitter on April 16 and has posted a mere 15 times. Her last tweet was about someone who said the Milwaukee Bucks will go to the finals in two to five years.

The people she follows online are also sparse, but include the NBA, Bucks player John Henson and Maroon Five frontman Adam Levine. While thousands would probably be willing to follow her on Instagram also, her picture-heavy social media account appears to be private.

In typical Twitter fashion, memes followed Edens’ spike in fame. Most of them say that she’s the real “MVP.” Some of the twitterati comments have been posted below:  

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