Matt Harvey may be a household name among sports fans in New York, but the starter for the National League in the 2013 All-Star Game isn't exactly a household face, as the Mets ace proved in this hilarious video for “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

Harvey, 24, is in his first full season with the Mets, and has taken the baseball world by storm, posting a 2.35 ERA and 7-2 record while flirting with several no-hitters. The Connecticut native is one of the few bright spots on the Mets, who are 11 ½ games back of the NL East-leading Atlanta Braves at the break.

Fallon had Harvey go out on the streets of New York to interview New Yorkers about Matt Harvey, and none of the people interviewed recognized the Mets ace.

“The funny thing is, is since it’s only his first full season, not many people know who Matt Harvey is yet – even right here in New York” the late night talk show host explained while introducing the funny clip. “And even if they do know his name, a lot of them wouldn’t be able to recognize him, even if they were standing right next to him and talking to him. I’ll show you what I mean because … we sent out Matt Harvey himself out to the streets of New York to see what New Yorkers thought about matt Harvey.”

Harvey ditched his Mets uniform for a green T-shirt with navy stripes as he interviewed New Yorkers.

The Mets ace asked a man wearing a Harvey jersey who his favorite player was.

“Oh, dude, Harvey, man,” the fan says, pointing his thumbs toward the back of the jersey where Harvey’s name is displayed.

“Really? If he was standing here right now, what kind of advice would you give him?” Harvey asks.

“I would think I would say, ‘Just keep being awesome.’ Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s it,” the fan responds.

“Well, we appreciate it,” Harvey replies.

The fan then catches on that he’s actually having a conversation with Harvey himself and laughs.

In another fan interaction, a Mets fanatic gushed about Harvey without realizing who he was talking to. The fan referenced Harvey’s appearance in ESPN’s 2013 Body Issue, where the Mets ace is displayed naked along with other sports stars.

“You know, Matt Harvey. I like him. Also, he’s a good pitcher. Kind of saw him naked also in the ESPN the body issue, so it’s kind of weird. But whatever, he’s alright,” the fan said.

“Did he look alright?” Harvey asked.

“He looked OK. You know, I think there was one [shot] where he’s like sneaking out of the hotel room in New York City or something,” the fan said.

Harvey then pulled out a copy of the exact shot, asking, “is this the one you were talking about?”

That’s when the fan notices he’s talking to Harvey.

“Holy s---, that’s you,” the fans says in disbelief.

Another fan says, “if I did have to pick a favorite, [it] would probably be Lucas Duda. I just really enjoy seeing him play.”

“What about Matt Harvey?” Harvey asks.

“You know, he’s a stud,” the fan responds.

“Thank you,” the ace pitcher replies.