“Survivor” bills itself as a pretty intense reality show, marooning its tribes of contestants in exotic locals for up to 39 days with limited, food, water and supplies. However it may not have been tough enough for one Season 24 contestant. Michael Jefferson, who competed in “Survivor: One World” in 2012, is heading back into the wilderness to survive in front of a national television audience once again -- but this time without clothes. The “Survivor” vet will be appearing on a new episode of Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid,” airing Sunday, Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. EDT.

“Naked and Afraid” places two strangers, one male and one female, in a “Survivor”-like locale and challenges them to survive 21 days without any food or water…or clothes. The series premiered in 2013 and is in the middle of its third season. In Jefferson’s episode he will be dropped in Botswana with a female bartender from Rhode Island.

Jefferson will be hoping he lasts as long on “Naked and Afraid” as he did on “Survivor.” The 32-year old Seattle banker made it to Day 22 on “Survivor: One World,” (one day more than “Naked and Afraid” requires to win) reaching the tribal merger and the jury. However, he became the eighth person voted out after the all-female alliance of Chelsea Meissner, Kat Edorsson, Sabrina Thompson, and Kim Spradlin (who won “Survivor: One World") took Jefferson out after convincing many of the men, including Jefferson, that Sabrina was the target. While Jefferson did not get a chance  on “Survivor’s” Redemption Island, he will have a shot at some personal redemption if he can last the full 21 days on “Naked and Afraid.”

Watch Michael get voted out on “Survivor” below and reflect on his experience in the game:

Meanwhile, “Survivor” is gearing up for its 29th season, “Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water,” which will pit tribes featuring pairs of family and friends against each other. The new season of “Survivor” premieres Sept. 24 on CBS. Fans hoping to catch Michael Jefferson on “Naked and Afraid” can watch the new episode this Sunday, Sept. 14, at 10 p.m. EDT on Discovery Channel.

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