An ex-girlfriend of accused murderer Oscar Pistorius testified in a South African criminal court on Thursday that he constantly carried a gun, and that he cheated on her with his alleged shooting victim, Reeva Steenkamp.

Samantha Taylor, a former model, tearfully described her relationship with the “Blade Runner” to a jury on Thursday, The Independent reported. In particular, Taylor discussed her former boyfriend’s fixation on guns.

In court, Taylor said that Pistorius regularly “carried [a gun] around with him.” At night, she said the 27-year-old reportedly kept his firearm on a nearby table, or on the floor near his prosthetic legs.

Pistorius’ ex-girlfriend also described an incident in which the track star allegedly fired a gun at a traffic light after he and a friend were stopped for speeding. She claimed that Pistorius was “very angry” at the police officer.

“Oscar left his gun on the seat of the car,” Taylor told the jury. “When the police had a look, he saw the gun was on the seat. He said to Oscar the gun couldn’t just stay there. Oscar got very angry. He shouted at the policeman that he was not allowed to touch his gun.”

Later, she claimed that Pistorius, who was intent on shooting a traffic light, fired a shot out of his car’s sun roof to “annoy the police.” She said that Pistorius would frequently worry about the possibility of home invaders, and that he once woke her up in the middle of the night, picked up a gun, and went to inspect his house.

Taylor disputed the rumor that Pistorius “sounds like a woman” when upset; the track star’s lawyers claim that Pistorius was responsible for the screams emanating from his house on the night of Steenkamp’s death.

“I have heard him scream a few times,” Taylor reportedly said. “It’s not true [that he sounds like a woman]. He sounds like a man.”

Finally, a tearful Taylor revealed that Pistorius’ relationship with Steenkamp began while they were still together, and that the star known as the “Blade Runner” cheated on her. She said that Pistorius would “send messages” by phone in the middle of the night, and that he took Steenkamp to an award show while he and Taylor were “still in a relationship.”

Taylor, a marketing student, reportedly began dating Pistorius when she was 18 years old, South Africa’s City Press reported. Their romantic relationship ended completely in November 2012.