A two-day search for a missing teenage girl in Pennsylvania has come to an end after the teen was found dead in a stream Sunday, local authorities said in statement. Shevy McGriffin, 13, vanished Friday around 6:45 p.m. local time after walking from her home in the town of Clarion to a neighborhood Dollar General store.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the walk from McGriffin’s home to the store should have only taken about three minutes. McGriffin’s father, Andrew Schneider, said the young girl was last seen purchasing a coloring book from the Dollar General store right before she disappeared.

A search party formed after she didn’t return home and on Sunday officials reported the teenager’s body had been discovered in a stream along the Clarion River. While searching through a woodsy area not far from Clarion River, a member of Clarion Fire Department’s volunteer unit found McGriffin’s body in a small creek known as Trout Run. The stream flows into the Clarion River, which is located about a mile away from McGriffin’s home and 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, police said.

The girl’s mother, Tina McGriffin, believes her daughter was abducted during her walk back home. She told local news station WPIX-TV the teen had been seen talking to a man in a Buick.

Police have yet to detail exactly how the 7th grader at Clarion Limestone Jr./Sr. High School died and said her death was under investigation. An autopsy was scheduled for McGriffin on Monday, though a time for the autopsy report’s release was not immediately available.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help McGriffin’s family with funeral expenses.

Officials are asking anyone with any information regarding McGriffin’s disappearance or death to contact PSP Clarion at 814-226-1710.