The grandson of late New York Giants owner Wellington Mara was arrested Tuesday, accused of setting fire to motorcycles outside of his New York City apartment.

Stephen Mara, 26, grew angry at the noise generated by motorcycles in his Gramercy Park neighborhood, the New York Post reports. Apparently, the owners of the bikes were revving their engines and inadvertently activating car alarms.

Sources revealed that a security guard witnessed Mara using a lighter to set fire to the motorcycles around 2:15 a.m. Tuesday, the Post reports. He was charged with three counts of arson and released after posting $40,000 bail. The New York Daily News obtained photos of the scorched motorcycles, which can be viewed there.

An unidentified neighbor told the Post she heard a pair of “booms,” then looked out into the street to discover Mara fighting with the security guard. “I heard two explosions. I felt the vibrations from them,” the woman said. “I went to my window, and I saw a guy dragging who I thought was a woman, so I called the police.”

Frank Galea, the superintendent of Mara’s apartment building, acknowledged that the motorcycles were causing a disturbance, the Post reports. However, he admitted that Mara was out of control prior to his arson arrest.

“I went outside, and the guy told me to go f**k myself,” Galea told the newspaper. “For someone to do this, you have to be sick in the head.”

Mara reportedly works for Major League Baseball as an on-field operations coordinator, the Post reports. It’s unclear if his arrest for arson will affect his job.

The Mara family has had its share of legal trouble over the years. Stephen’s father, Stephen Mara Sr., once fought a fellow stock broker at the New York Stock Exchange in 2006, the Post reports. In addition, John Mara, a 22-year-old nephew of current Giants co-owner John Mara, was arrest for assault last January after allegedly striking a college classmate with a bottle during a New Year’s Eve party.