Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is expected to jump into the Republican primary battle on Wednesday, and right alongside on that ride will be his wife and Louisiana's first lady, Supriya Jolly Jindal.  Here are five things to know about Jindal's wife going into the 2016 race.

Her undergraduate degree? Engineering. Jindal, who was born in New Delhi, India, but grew up in Louisiana, decided to stay in-state for her college career. That's not necessarily because she didn't have other options. In high school, she held down a 4.3 GPA and had offers from all over the country, though she ultimately decided to attend Tulane University. She studied chemical engineering there and graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors. She then received her master's degree in business, and has since finished her coursework toward a Ph.D. in marketing from Louisiana State University, and is working on her dissertation.

She's Catholic, but it wasn't an easy decision. Both of the Jindals were born Hindu but later converted to Catholicism. Bobby Jindal converted first and was baptized during his undergraduate studies at Brown University. A few years after their marriage, in 1997, Supriya Jindal converted to Catholicism.  Bobby Jindal has been the subject of more public discussion than his wife. Spiritually, he reportedly has a pretty open-minded family that accepted his decision to embrace Christianity. Supriya Jindal reportedly made her decision to convert with her husband's encouragement, though for her own personal growth.

She has a foundation that focuses on childhood education. Her foundation was created in order to promote science and technology education for Louisiana's children. "As U.S. demand for scientists and engineers grows at a rapid pace, studies show that Louisiana students rank low in basic science and math proficiency. To prepare our children for the rewarding and high-paying jobs of the 21st century, we need to come together now and commit to making a greater investment in education," the foundation website says, adding that the foundation has raised over $2.3 million dollars and has brought new technologies and impacted over 1,200 classrooms across Louisiana.

She's pretty stylish. She was named to Vanity Fair's list of best-dressed political spouses in 2013. Her Vanity Fair distinction pleased her husband, who later tweeted that she had done something he could never accomplish.


She gave birth to the Jindals' youngest at home. When Jindal gave birth to their youngest she had been experiencing false alarms and pains that sent her to the hospital twice only to be sent back home. On the night of the birth she woke up with labor pains again and was getting ready to head to the hospital at the suggestion of the nurse who Bobby Jindal reached by phone, but realized the baby was coming immediately.

Supriya Jindal then gave birth on the floor of their bathroom with the hospital nurse guiding them through. Bobby Jindal confirmed that the child was a boy and had 10 toes and fingers. At the time, Bobby Jindal was a U.S. Representative for Louisiana's 1st district. The Jindals have three children ages 10, seven, and five.