Tim Pawlenty, the former Minnesota Governor (2003-2011), made his official candidacy-for-president announcement on Sunday May 22, 2011.

Although trailing in polls for months now, Pawlenty targets becoming the prominent candidate for the Republican nomination by promoting his personal history of balancing budgets while serving in office which may just be what America needs for the times.

Without raising any taxes in Pawlenty's 1st term as governor he cancelled out a $4.3 billion deficit by reducing the rate of funding increases for state services, including funding for transportation, social services, and welfare according. During his second term, the former governor balanced a $2.7 billion deficit by cutting spending, shifting payments and other measures as well.

This history may have served him well on the day of his campaign debut as Pawlenty went against President Obama by criticizing that not enough work was done by his administration to combat the increasingly concerning federal budget deficit and high unemployment rates.

He went on by boldly saying It's time for new leadership. It's time for a new approach. And, it's time for America's president -- and anyone who wants to be president -- to look you in the eye and tell you the truth. He continued by saying, Someone has to say it. Someone has to finally stand up and level with the American people. Someone has to lead. I will.

Although the New York Times in January 2011 published an article stating that Few Americans, in fact, even know his name, Mr. Pawlenty has along the years held various prominent positions, in addition to being former Minnesota governor, such as serving as a co-chairman for John McCain's presidential campaign. He was also considered to be a pronounced candidate for the vice-presidential nomination to John McCain's 2008 presidential run, a position which later on fell on Alaska governor Sarah Palin.