“Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars” has been the most competitive season to take place in the program's  history. After taking a break, the celebrities on the show will face a double elimination Tuesday night.

Fans will be forced to see two of their favorite contestants go home, raising the drama level on the show.

Bristol Palin and her professional dance partner Mark Ballas might be sent home after they barely escaped elimination the previous week.

Many were shocked when Joey Fatone, formerly of the boy band *Nsync, went home instead of Sarah Palin’s daughter, considering her judges scores were lower than his.

The backlash Palin has been experiencing seems to have made its way into the practice room with her partner. The two were shown fighting during one of their rehearsals after Ballas stood Palin up for one appointment.

She took it personally, claiming that if he had a better dance partner like Shawn Johnson or Sabrina Bryan he would not have done that.

Ballas tried to console Palin, telling her that he was always on her side, but when he went to go grab her leg she pushed him away and left the room.

The two “kissed and made up” before show time, and even though it was one of Palin’s better performances, she’s nowhere near the same level of competition as the other "stars."

Monday night viewers of “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars” got to see one of the best dances in “DWTS” history when gymnast Shawn Johnson and her professional dance partner Derek Hough did a quick step with amazing stunts.

It appeared Johnson danced flawlessly and was penalized by the judges only for not staying in holds in the middle of their dance.

It’s unlikely that front-runners like Shawn Johnson or Sabrina Bryan will go home after Tuesday night’s episode, but “DWTS” history shows that it doesn’t matter how high the judge's scores are; no one is safe.

Who do you think will go home during the double elimination tonight? 

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Check out Johnson and Hough's quick step from Monday night here: