The two-hour finale of "Ink Master" season two premieres on Spike Tuesday night at 9/8c.

Some of the best tattoo artists from across the country were brought to New York City to compete and win the title of “Ink Master.”

Since most of the show was filmed over the summer, the finalists have been waiting for months to learn who was going to claim the title.

During an interview with the New York Daily News, David Navarro, host and judge of the tattoo reality show, said he too has been on “pins and needles” waiting to find out who is going to win.

No matter who wins, the contestants have made a lasting impression on him.

“I would never do anything with that much pressure,” the Jane’s Addiction guitarist told the Daily News. “I'm playing in front of live audiences, I'm a judge, I’m a host, but I am not being critiqued and looked at under a microscope. Not only do they have to impress the judges and the public, but make a name for their own industry and their own careers.

“Regardless of who wins, my life goes back to being in Jane’s Addiction. The final three contestants are the ones who potentially will have their standards of living dramatically altered.”

Navarro doesn’t have any tattoo experience like fellow judges Oliver Peck and ex-“Miami Ink” star Chris Nunez, but he sympathizes with the contestants being forced to work under harsh conditions.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of them,” Navarro said. “Maybe not all of them I would get tattooed by, though.”

Navaro believes that “Ink Master” has helped show that tattoos are not an inferior art form, as many have believed in the past.

“I love tattoos,” said Navarro. “There is more to it than meets the general view in terms of the artistry and the history. I loved the opportunity to showcase that in a public arena.”

Sebastian Murphy, Sarah Miller, Steve Tefft and Katherine "Tatu Baby" Flores are the last artists remaining in the competition.

The winner will walk away with $100,000 and the title of “Ink Master.”