Dos Equis — the beer brand that recently retired its famous advertisement character "The Most Interesting Man in The World" — unveiled Wednesday a new plan for its commercials and it's... interesting. Meet the new Most Interesting Man In The World.

Dos Equis dropped a new commercial on YouTube, which shows the new Most Interesting Man In The World watching a commercial in a bar starring the former Most Interesting Man In The World. When asked by the bartender if anybody could ever be as interesting, the commercial cuts to a flashback montage featuring the new protagonist. And it seems the new Most Interesting Man In The World has had similarly interesting exploits to the old Most Interesting Man In The World.

It's a mashup of funny moments that could be the punchline of a good yarn unspooled at a bar. There's a karate chop of a coconut, a chase involving a pig, a soccer ball recovered from a well and a triumphant emergence a space capsule. 

One major, interesting difference — the entire commercial is in Spanish, which might be a nod to the fact that Mexican beers, which includes Dos Equis, have outpaced their domestic counterparts in U.S. sales growth.

The new Most Interesting Man In The World is played by French actor Augustin Legrand, who is more than a hair younger than the previous Most Interesting Man In The World actor, Jonathan Goldsmith. He's 44, while Goldsmith is now 77. Legrand, who is tri-lingual — speaking Spanish, French and English — is likely a largely unfamiliar face to U.S. audiences. He has mostly appeared in French movies and TV shows.

The change is seemingly aimed at bringing the character — who first appeared a decade ago when MySpace was king — into modern times. 

"Jonathan as the 'Most Interesting Man' is always looking back," Nuno Teles, marketing chief for Heineken U.S. — which owns Dos Equis — told Mashable at the time of the old character's retirement. "He's always referring to what he did in the past. We believe there's space to be more relevant for current consumers as well as new customers."

There's no telling where Dos Equis might take the new Most Interesting Man. The reinvention was described in the Mashable interview as a reboot of a Bond-like action hero.