It certainly isn’t news that Bill Gates is the richest man in Washington, and, well, all of America. And those who live in Nebraska, where uber-investor Warren Buffett makes his home, mostly likely know who’s the richest person in their state. But who’s the richest person in the other 48 states in the U.S.?

Wealth-X compiled a list of the richest person in each state, based on the business addresses of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Nine states don’t have any billionaires at all -- in Wyoming a net worth of just $300 million earned John Martin, CEO of Gilead Sciences, the honor of being the richest person in that least-populous U.S. state.

Here’s an interactive map of U.S. states, color-coded by the net-worth of the richest person who lives there. Click on any state to see who’s the richest person living there, and how much he or she is worth: