Jennifer Aniston appeared on “Chelsea Lately” Monday night as the first guest on the talk show's new set.  But the former “Friends” star started to become undone when Chelsea Handler began to talk about Aniston’s actor fiancé Justin Theroux.

As Handler brought up Aniston’s “Wanderlust” co-star and lover, the actress began to fight back tears. “I just got verklempt,” she said, which is a Yiddish word that means all choked up or overwhelmed.

Aniston quickly pulled herself together and smiled as she collected herself.

If just mentioning how happy Aniston is with Theroux seemed to be enough to send the actress into an emotional whirlwind, one can only imagine what rhe wedding day is going to be like.

“She may not have been jumping up and down on a talk show couch [like Tom Cruise on Oprah], but Jennifer Aniston couldn't be more ecstatic about her recent engagement to Justin Theroux. The tears said it all,” the New York Daily News said.

As Aniston was composing herself, Handler tried to help the actress out by saying:

“You are so happy because he's the greatest guy ever and you guys make the greatest couple ever and I am so happy for you two.”

Next Handler attempted to lighten the mood by saying, “I know that you didn't want to tell me that you were engaged because you think I follow everything you do and rip you off.”

Aniston recovered quickly from her moment of tears and quipped back that Handler does in fact follow her, and that Handler will be the next one to get married.

It was her first TV interview since she became engaged to Theroux when he proposed to her on his 41st birthday in August.

At the time 43-year-old Aniston, Brad Pitt's ex-wife,  explained to “CBS This Morning” that she had never been happier in her life.

The Examiner added that Aniston was also “verkempt” when Theroux proposed and cried then also.