I recieved a Google+ invite last night, all I can say is it's destined to fail. I was so excited to start using it. Only to find the exclusive social network is a load of bull.

Why it will fail:

The creators spent too much time on symbolism
Google+ will fail because the site centers on a circle metaphor, I mean who still has a social circle these days and quite frankly who the heck has time to segregate people into specific circles anyway?

Additionally, if you want to share something with a circle, anyone has the ability to re-share it and you can't do anything about it. There's a function that allows you to disable sharing of your content using the drop-down button to the right of the content, but hardworking, short of time, absent minded users won't remember to do that.

No search bar
Google+ will fail because it's baffling that a search engine's social network does not have a search function that allows you to find content your friends are sharing. 

User Wayne Schultz isn't happy about that. “I have to say that for the King Kong of search to release a social service that is presently not searchable -- strikes me as a little odd and noteworthy.”

Being left out in the hangout
Google+ will fail because users without a webcam, you're without luck. People in your stream with webcams are able to converge but you aren't. Google, what's up with that?

Google+ will fail now, but that doesn't mean it will in the near future.