Google chose to baffle the world today. Google's latest doodle - the adapted version of its logo that appears on its homepage - today features an image of a UFO with a link to the search term unexplained phenomenon.


Google's UFO Doodle - An Unexplained Phenomenon

Google's logo or aka Google Doodle changes once in a while, especially when there is a big event. You may have seen changes of the Google Doodle during Christmas, Halloween or New Year.

But the recent Google Doodle logo has been connected to the unexplained phenomenon – a UFO highlighting the letter ‘O’ of Google.

When you click the logo, it directs you to the search results for the keywords unexplained phenomenon.

Google did not officially state the reason behind this unexplained phenomenon, but some web users say this may have something to do with the popular sci-fi movie District 9.(Read review of Disctrict 9 here)

What do you think is this the reason behind Google's UFO logo?