With Apple's unveiling of two new iPhones this week— the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — the consensus seems to be that the company met expectations and then some. Not only has it introduced the long-awaited “big iPhone,” but it introduced two of them, much to the delight of everyone who follows the tech giant.

I am similarly delighted, but I'll be holding off on picking up one of the next-generation devices for myself. Here's why.

Upgrades can be unnecessarily expensive

If you haven't "earned" an upgrade through your mobile service provider, you're paying full price for the device out of pocket. This could cost up to $849 depending on which configuration you spring for. As your money-saving upgrade is a function of timing (you've either logged the sufficient number of months with your current device or you haven't), consider whether you really need to drop a perfectly usable device for the "privilege" of owning the latest and greatest thing at a premium.

Naturally this is a moot point if your upgrade is ready and waiting from your mobile provider.

Never underestimate the potential for trouble in the 1.0 version

Even if Apple is ready to meet the through-the-roof demand for the bigger iPhone, there’s still the chance that something pernicious and technical will bubble to the surface after the phones are released into the wild. One recalls Antennagate, Apple’s notorious public relations stumble surrounding the design of the iPhone 4 — its cellular antenna was in the exposed metal frame, and gripping it a certain way could drop calls because you were “holding it wrong.”

Holding off on your pre-order gives you some time to play cool observer and remove yourself from such problems that may or may not arise.

Overwhelming demand may prevent you from getting the device you want as soon as possible

Apple saw customers lining up in front of its Fifth Avenue flagship store before there was even so much as an announcement of what would actually be for sale. That line will only grow now that people know exactly what they’ll get for their money. While an online pre-order saves you from such lines, it only speaks to the tremendously potent demand the company is seeing for its new phones.

There are two different sizes of the new phone, each coming in three colors and with three storage options. Some of these configurations will likely prove to be more popular than others, and if your heart is set on one of them, you may have to pay the price in time as well as cash as Apple fills orders ahead of yours. The company has had lightweight problems in the past making enough phones to satiate demand. Consider the gold iPhone 5, which was in short supply for a long time, leaving some customers hanging until Apple’s manufacturing partners could catch up.

In conclusion...

Get your new devices at whichever time is most satisfying and convenient for you, but I maintain that that time is after the dust has settled.