Google has been rumored to be working on its own Android-powered tablet being touted as the Nexus Tablet. That is, a Google branded device with no other software from a manufacturing partner. It's also rumored to be a seven-inch tablet costing less than $200, and it would do well to emulate the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone now on AT&T. Since no tablet can take on the iPad without some awesome apps, a Galaxy Note-like device with a stylus could be the spark the Android world needs to corral buyers.

Furthermore, if shared data plans were ever to become a reality, the Nexus Tablet could come in two different sizes, and families could get both sizes on one data plan. The point is, Apple's iPad is nearly the only tablet game in town for people who've never owned a tablet before. When a Windows 8 tablet drops, someone in the Android world needs to have a hero device ready that can entice people, because so far, that is simply not happening.

Yes, a few tech afficianados have fallen in love with the Asus Transformer Infinity Pad, but when it goes on sale, it will likely cost just as much as the iPad. A smaller, less expensive model could be the ticket, and the Galaxy Note is a good place to start. Begin the slideshow to see some Nexus Tablet concepts and what the Galaxy Note could offer such a device. Let us know if you think there are any must-have Android apps and why.

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