Katt Williams is in jail once again. The comedian has been arrested two times since Feb. 28.

According to a report from TMZ, Hall County Sheriff's were at Williams' Georgia home on Tuesday afternoon to serve him with a search warrant. The document was linked to an investigation which was opened on March 1 after Williams' bodyguard claimed he was assaulted by the troubled funnyman. The bodyguard said Williams threatened to kill him before having members of his crew beat him with a baseball bat and choke him for refusing to participate "in criminal activity." Once at the home, authorities found guns and "large quantities" of marijuana. Williams was taken into police custody and charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats and false imprisonment. Drug and weapons charges will be added to that list.

Williams was last arrested in February. The New York Daily News reported that he was at a pool store in Georgia on Feb. 29 when he assaulted salesman Paul Love. Love called the police alleging that Williams punched him. The comedian was arrested and later released on $5,700 bail. Williams claims the incident was in self-defense, telling TMZ he only struck the pool supply salesman because "he used the N-word." 

Williams' arrests are just a few of the legal issues he's had in recent weeks. The "Scary Movie 5" star found himself involved in another punching incident on March 2 in Los Angeles. Williams was reportedly at a hotel when he heard a car accident outside the establishment. He told TMZ he sprung into action, looking to help the victims, but instead encountered more trouble. While on the scene Williams is said to have assaulted a bystander he claimed was a "rapper." The man and several of his friends were allegedly mocking his height before the assault took place. Williams claimed he tried to get the group to stop, but they refused. Williams was not arrested for his involvement, but was the primary suspect in a battery investigation.

On March 3, it was revealed that Williams was being investigated for allegedly holding five women at gunpoint. Attorney Loletha Hale said in a press conference that the "Friday After Next" star and his crew of about 15 men got physical with the young women, who were in Atlanta as tourists, and stole their cell phones. Hale pointed the finger at local police, saying that it was unacceptable that the stolen phones were not retrieved.