Upcoming third-person shooter “Quantum Break” won’t be making an appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year. The project is being developed by Remedy Entertainment and will be published by Microsoft Studios, with a live-action series in the works.

Remedy’s chief creative officer, Sam Lake, promised fans in a YouTube video on Monday that the next update for the transmedia game will be announced at Gamescom, which will take place Aug. 5-9 in Cologne, Germany. “Quantum Break” will be the first product of its kind, with digital episodes that will interact with the game based on the decisions of the players.

“Quantum Break” will be played from a third-person perspective and will be split into segments. Following the completion of a game’s segment, an episode of the digital series will play. The action title is set around the fictional North Eastern U.S. Riverport University after a time-travel experiment has gone awry, resulting in the breakdown of the time and space continuum. The game’s three main characters – Jack Joyce, Paul Serene and Beth Wilder – are given the ability to manipulate time.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed a release date for “Quantum Break” but expects the title to reach the Xbox One sometime next year. The shooter was first revealed in 2013, and Remedy Entertainment developers even consulted a scientist and former CERN, or European Organization for Nuclear Research, employee, who explained how to pen the plot in a way that accurately adhered to theoretical physics. The project initially was scheduled for release in 2014 but was delayed until 2015. Its release date was pushed back until next year to improve the final product.

Los Angeles' Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, is being held June 16-18.