Players of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” are still waiting for the respective patches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game. Developer CD Projekt RED has been vigilant about keeping players in the loop about the fixes, which is why the developer has given fans a quick rundown of the upcoming fixes for patch 1.04 and 1.05.

At the official website, community coordinator Marcin Momot listed some of the expected fixes. They will address the font, graphic user interface (GUI) and heads-up disply (HUD) issues plaguing PC and console platforms. Performance improvements are also expected in some cutscenes. The patch will also address the game crash on loading a save as promised. Apart from the main issues spotted previously, the patch will also fix specific issues in different areas of “The Witcher 3.”

The quick developers' update did not specify release dates, so it is still a waiting game for players. DualShockers did gather some new tweets from Momot, which gave hints on when the patches may arrive. The expected patch 1.05 for PC may be scheduled for a Tuesday or Wednesday release this week. In addition to the most requested fixes, it will also include a fix for some of the bugged quests such as the Pyres of Novigrad.

Another glitch awaiting a patch is the no XP glitch. Over at the forums of CD Projekt RED’s website, Momot announced that the team is already aware of the problem and is currently working on a fix across all platforms. At the same time, Momot also gave some insights on the issue.

As far as the patch for the consoles are concerned, Momot mentioned that it may come out in a week or 10 days time. The team is looking to include the fix for the stuttering issues found for the console version of “The Witcher 3.” “It doesn’t impact the game balance in any significant way. Also, you will be able to finish the game with your character achieving a level within the threshold we had in mind when we designed the game,” said Momot.

When asked whether the lost XP due to the bug will be recovered when fixed, Momot added that the XP won’t be added back for the finished quests. Further exploring the gitch, Momot did state that the studio is looking for possible retroactive XP rewards. Rock Paper Shotgun reports that the team is exploring how to do this, but cannot make any promises at the moment.

PC players who are looking to improve the performance of “The WItcher 3” can also the newest set of drivers from AMD. Techspot reports that the Catalyst 15.5 beta drivers will bring a 10 percent increase in performance for “The Witcher 3.”

The new set of drivers will improve the single-GPU R9 or R7 series cards. As per the report, better performance can be expected with the updated CrossFire profile by disabling the TemporalAA in multi-GPU setups. This prevents flat to negative multi-GPU performance scaling.

Stuttering on "The Witcher 3" (Credit: YouTube/Hex PLAYS)