If you’re considering a Wi-Fi range extender, or a signal booster to improve the signal of your wireless Internet, you may want to think again. A newcomer called Eero says its new “Wi-Fi system” will eliminate dead zones, even in the largest home.

If you plan to stream video in 4K or make your home smarter with the Internet of Things, Eero says you are ill-equipped. Current Wi-Fi routers can sometimes create Netflix buffering and dead spots where your connection is iffy, but Eero claims it can fix that.

Eero is selling pre-orders for one of its Wi-Fi boxes for $125, which the startup claims can outperform any competitors. The real magic, it says, is Eero’s ability to link up in a chain, extending range where you need it and maintaining speed even in the farthest reaches of your home.

The Wi-Fi system includes up to 10 Eeros, but it says three can cover most houses, which it sells in a set for $300. Eero says the price of a three-pack system will go up to $500 when it is released this summer, while a single box will cost $200.

Eero will compete with a long list of manufacturers familiar to consumers, including Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, Asus and Apple. But Eero claims to have a few things that the others don’t, including a highly automated and easy setup.

Eero claims its system will never need to be unplugged or reset, like many current Wi-Fi routers. Instead, its Wi-Fi system will offer a “mesh network” that automatically connects devices to the strongest and fastest signal. The boxes will also run their own speed tests, notifying you if there’s an issue.

An Eero smartphone app controls the entire Wi-Fi system, and will detect weak signals to help customers determine where to put each box. The app can also text you your password, Eero claims, so you’ll never have to memorize one -- or scramble to find where you wrote it down.

Eero has raised $5 million in venture funding so far, but consumers will have to decide whether the newcomer is worth a premium over other brands when the Wi-Fi system is released this summer.