“Wildcats” is a five part miniseries about the struggles of Allison Behave in her high school. Lead cast member Linnea Sage (Allison) spoke to International Business Times in an exclusive interview about the TV series.

Talking about her character, Sage explained that the TV series explores how Allison struggles with her sexuality, while opposing sexist traditions at her school. The character also has to keep up appearances and try “not to poop in her pants.”

Allison is a passionate cheerleader and has a “solid group of friends.” Sage describes the character as a “typical loud-mouth, suburban teenager,” who is still figuring out what makes her different. “Instead of suppressing those differences, she is using them to stand up for herself and her team,” the actress said.

The TV series is not just a comedy and it deals with some serious subjects. “Feminism is a big theme in ‘Wildcats’ and it’s handled in a way that anyone can relate to. Allison is learning that she feels differently about traditions at her school than anyone else does. She ultimately needs to decide if she is going to stand up for herself and her team,” Sage said.

The actress pointed out that it is difficult for a teenager to stand up for something she does not fully understand yet. Sage feels that the TV series shows an honest depiction of Allison and her inner struggles.

The character is based on the writer and director Rachel Puchkoff. Sage said that she “fell in love with the character and the story” after being cast in the show and reading the script.

“It’s such an important message and it was also so hysterical,” she said.

The show has a strong fan following and the fan base appears to keep growing. “We had eagerly-awaiting fans who had been following ‘Wildcats’ since it’s first iteration as a short film, a few years ago. When the series was released we had a really solid viewership right out of the gate,” Sage said.  

The actress pointed out that the show also got support from a few celebrities who talked about it on Twitter. “Wildcats” also got positive reviews from a few “influential LGBT blogs,” Sage revealed. The actress added that the viewership of the show has been growing steadily, as more people discover it every day. Episodes of the show can be watched on the official CatsGoingWild website.