Some of the world’s finest athletes might compete in Beantown for the 2024 Olympics, the U.S. Olympic Committee decided Thursday. It’s only about two decades away, but the USOC went with Boston. It’s been nearly 30 years since the Summer Olympics were held in a U.S. city and Boston beat out cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington for the 2024 Summer bid, ESPN wrote.

"We're excited about our plans to submit a bid for the 2024 Games and feel we have an incredibly strong partner in Boston that will work with us to present a compelling bid," USOC chairman Larry Probst said in an official statement. "We're grateful to the leaders in each of the four cities for their partnership and interest in hosting the most exciting sports competition on earth.

"The deliberative and collaborative process that we put in place for selecting a city has resulted in a strong U.S. bid that can truly serve the athletes and the Olympic and Paralympic movements."

Boston_bidcity_website_graphics_800x375_withlogo The 2024 Summer Olympics could potentially be held in Boston. Photo: USOC

The International Olympic Committee will officially pick a city in 2017. For now, Boston joins Rome in the only city to have officially entered a bid.

While Boston Mayor Marty Walsh called it “an exceptional honor for Boston,” not everyone is smitten with the idea. A Facebook page aptly and simply titled, “No Boston Olympics” was created in March 2013. In the About section, the group says, “The Olympics, while be fun to watch, have horrible effects on host cities, the people who live and work there, and the environment -- keep them out of Boston!”

There aren’t too many Bostonians who are apparently against sharing their home with the Olympics. The page barely has 600 likes. However, if Boston does win the International bid in 2017, the number of dissatisfied Bostonians could grow.

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