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MUMBAI: As Crude Oil prices skyrocket, the world is these days increasingly talking about alternative energy methods. Can Biofuel products replace Crude Oil products.?

Petroleum based diesel is produced from mineral crude oil. Biodiesel, however, is an alternative fuel to petroleum based diesel, which can be manufactured from vegetable oils such as palm, rapeseed (canola), soy, linseed, jatropha and coconut oil.

Biodiesel can also be manufactured from animal fats (including tallow) and used cooking oils.

The use of Biodiesel does not require any major changes in the fuel distribution system, avoiding the need for expensive additional infrastructure.

The main benefits of Biodiesel when compared to petroleum based diesel are:

Biodiesel is clean burning and, depending on the degree of blend with petroleum based diesel, is suitable for use in most diesel engines

Biodiesel is safer to store, handle, transport and use

Biodiesel produces approximately 80% less carbon dioxide, and almost 100% less sulphur dioxide

Biodiesel is non toxic and biodegradable and

Biodiesel, when used as an additive, improves the lubricity of ultra low sulphur diesel.