Visitors to Seattle's Local Color coffeehouse were in for a surprise Thursday. Rather than seeing their local barista behind the counter, customers were just as likely to find Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis making their coffee.

As a part of the press tour for their coming movie The Campaign, in which the two actors portray rival politicians running for a North Carolina congressional seat, Ferrell and Galifianakis have been on their own campaign trail for the movie. To promote the movie, the two served coffee at the well-known Pike Place coffee shop.

The appearance was stressful at best. According to the Seattle PI, the coffee shop was practically mobbed with fans attempting to get a glimpse of the two actors. Reportedly, people had been standing in line in front of the coffee shop since 6 a.m., and many fans began to get upset when they couldn't get close to the stars.

I can't even speak about what just happened, Ferrell said to MSNBC reporters. It was crazy.

It's obviously extremely nice and flattering, but then we felt guilty that we were just whisked into a coffee place and really only made contact with maybe 25 people, Ferrell said. He then speculated that he may take out a full-page apology ad in a local newspaper to make amends for the hassle.

The Seattle appearance was part of an 11-city tour, taking the pair through Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Seattle, and more. In Chicago, the two threw opening pitches at a Cubs game. In Fort Worth, they gave competing speeches at the Naval Air Station.

Check out the trailer for The Campaign below.