Will Ferrell and Zach Galafianakis have been touring the country to promote their movie "The Campaign." The film, which opens Aug. 10, features the funnymen as rival presidential candidates. Partly because of how beloved they are, every time Ferrell and Galafianakis, who are sometimes in character and sometimes not, have made a stop to promote the movie they've been in the news.  

Wednesday afternoon they were interviewed on CNN by host Joe Johns. Galafianakis and Ferrell could barely hold it together through the entire conversation. It started when Zach, who's best known for his role in "The Hangover" movies, said he was a "comptrol" freak. Ferrell was able to get through a few sentences about the rigors of travel with a straight face but they broke up when he started talking about Mitt Romney's disastrous trip to London before the Olympic Games.

When Johns played the now-infamous clip of Romney's aide telling reporters to "kiss my ass," it was the first time "The Campaign" stars had seen the footage. They immediately started cracked up and, for a moment, didn't seem to know what to say at all. You can watch the video below and just try not to laugh.

Earlier this week the two showed up at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto to get the word out about the movie. Coming down the street in a Zamboni, Ferrell and Galafianakis were totally surrounded by fans looking to be one of the 125 chosen for a ticket to a screening of "The Campaign." Better yet Ferrell, a noted Los Angeles Kings fan, took to ribbing the Maple Leafs fans a bit about how the Kings were now the rightful owners of the Stanley Cup.

One of their first stops in the trip was at a Seattle coffee shop, where they served patrons everything from cappuccino to a sausage smoothie. Later the stars would report being taken aback by the number of people in the area. It's unclear if the final video was a promotion for his new movie, but Ferrell's introduction at a Chicago Bulls game is too funny to leave out.