Jersey Shore star Sammi Giancola sat down with Huffington Post's Naughty But Nice Rob talked with the reality star about Playboy on the set of his HDNet talk show Naughty But Nice.

Rob asked Sammi, also known as Sammi Sweetheart, if she would ever consider taking it all off for Playboy. After all, Jersey Shore leaves little to the imagination as the characters drink, talk about their sex lives and run around scantily clad.

But, Playboy might be where Sammi draws the line.

My boobs are real, they will sag to the floor, said the brunette.  I just feel weird about my boobs. ... But I don't know. I don't know if that's the right direction you want to go in.

However, maybe if she was given a spread like Lindsay Lohan, she would consider. When asked what she thought of La Lohan's pictorial, Sammi responded, She looked fabulous. She looked amazing. Lindsay Lohan definitely looked amazing.

Rob then asked, But don't you look amazing?

No. I don't know, said a bashful Sammi. I feel weird about my boobs. But, you never know. You never know what tomorrow could bring.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton added his two cents on the possibility. You'd think for a girl who drinks all night, tans all day, gets into all-out brawls complete with fistacuffs and smashed bottles, there would be no limit to the depravity she'd go to.

Adding, everyone has their price.

Hey! There doesn't have to be any shame in it! So many have done it before her, so many will do it after! Just the way that it is! he wrote.

Sammi might be turning over a new leaf. The normally bronzed-up Jersey Shore star posed make-up free for the beauty blog,

She chatted with the beauty blog xojane about her primping routine, revealing that she takes the longest to get ready for a night out a D'Jais. She listed her makeup regimen, too: foundation, concealer, lots of bronzer, (she likes Motives Blush Bronzer Duo), loads of eyeliner, eye shadow, fake eye lashes, and always lip gloss.

So, xojane decided to give Sammi a make-under. Make-up artist Shannon Grey Williams used just five products in five minutes. Needless to say, Sammi looked totally transformed. To see Sammi's make-under make-over, view the second photo in picture box above. 

Whether or not a glamorized Playboy shoot is in her future has yet to be determined.