Microsoft is all set to release the next generation Windows with its eyes firmly set on the tablet market. With Windows 8, Microsoft aims at regaining the ground it has lost to Apple.

Microsoft missed a couple of beats as professionals and consumers began to spend more time on tablets and smartphones to work and socialize. With the consistent aggravation in the growth of the tablet market, this might be the right time for the company to come with Windows 8, say analysts.

According to Gartner, sales of touch tablet will grow nearly four times, to 69.8 percent this year. Apple's iPad has consistently dominated the tablet market, with competitors coming and leaving the market without affecting its growth. But it's time the world got an alternative to iPad. If Microsoft can take a significant bite of the fast growing tablet market, it will boost the company's profit as well.

Windows 8 may win a good spot, as Windows is a huge force in the operating system market. The company enjoys a market share of 90 percent for desktop operating system. When Windows 8 will work with tablets, people will want a device running on a Windows operating system.

Microsoft Windows tablet can have diversity in terms of hardware like the current array of Android tablets. iPad has a variety of models, but an iPad is an iPad and the users are not left with a variety of shapes and sizes to choose.

Several vendors are lining up for the support of the Windows 8 tablet, with Samsung and Dell bringing it to the market. The price will be driven by the hardware specs of the tablet. Different vendors will create rival tablets to drive the competition in terms of specs and prices. Apple has made it difficult for the vendors buy the hardware needed to make tablets in a large volume.