Just as New Jersey and New York are struggling to recover from superstorm Hurricane Sandy, the Northeast states will be faced with another storm — a nor’easter that is set to hit during the wee hours on Wednesday morning.

The National Weather Service reports that a high wind warning has been issued for parts of New Jersey and Delaware, with a storm warning for those states as well as coastal New York.

There will be a slight breeze on Tuesday night, until midnight, when wind is expected to increase to 20 mph.

Rain is expected to begin after 9 a.m. Wednesday, the NWS said, with winds picking up to 32 mph and gusts as high as 48 mph. It may rain as much as half of an inch.

The rain will continue into the night, when gusts may increase to 60 mph, and the temperature will drop to near freezing.

The NWS is predicting the rain will subside by noon on Thursday, with the wind being brought down to 20 mph.

No evacuation orders have yet been issued as they were for Hurricane Sandy and it seems unlikely that it will cause comparable damage.

But some of those who are still suffering without power and heat probably will have to wait until after the nor’easter is over before it’s returned, as utility employees will not be working during the storm.