When last week’s episode of “Homeland” Season 5 concluded, it was unknown whether Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) would live or die. While viewers will have to wait until episode 6 premieres on Sunday to find out details about his fate, the promo video for “Parabiosis” does tease some answers. 

After being shot by a Russian assassin, Quinn was on death’s doorstep and refusing to get medical attention in episode 5.  After running away from Carrie (Claire Danes) and Jonas (Alexander Fehling), he was caught trying to drown himself by a strange man. The man tried to convince him to think better of his actions, but failed. Quinn stumbled around the streets as the man trailed behind him until Quinn eventually fell to the ground. The episode concluded with the stranger looking down at Quinn. 

“You picked me off of the streets and gave me your blood,” Quinn says in the episode 6 promo video. The man tells him he was “pleased” to help him. And while it appears the man wanted to go do good by Quinn, it doesn’t appear his actions were completely out of the kindness of his heart. 

“You are an American. A spy,” a different man can be seen later telling Quinn, who appears rattled by the questioning. 

Watch the promo video for episode 6 below:

Elsewhere in episode 6, Saul (Mandy Patinkin) and Carrie will continue their secret meeting. In a sneak-peek video of the forthcoming installment Carrie informs Saul it was the Russians who put her name on the kill list. When Carrie reveals she was also the target during Otto During’s (Sebastian Koch) trip to Lebanon, he questions why they want her dead. Carrie says she thinks it has something to do with them not wanting her to see the documents hacked from the CIA’s database. When Carrie asks for Saul to hand over the documents to her, he doesn’t give in to her request. Despite his hesitation, it appears Carrie might get into his head. According to Showtime’s synopsis, Saul “orders a sweep at the station” in episode 6.

Watch Carrie and Saul’s conversation here:

With her life in danger and no one else to turn to, Carrie will look to her employer, During, for support. “I don’t know who to trust,” Carrie tells her boyfriend Jonas in a second sneak peek after he tells her to go to the authorities for help. 

“Trust me,” he says. “Because this is no way to live.”

"Homeland" Season 5, episode 6 airs Sunday, Nov. 8, at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.