With royal baby watch on high alert, an Irish bookmaker has posted some wacky prop bets as Prince William and Kate Middleton’s child is set to make their first appearance any day now.

Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaking service, is trying to cash in on the frenzy by allowing fanatics of all things royal to place bets on the royal baby’s name, hair color, date of birth, weight and more.

Think you know (or just feel like guessing) how old the royal baby will be when it has its first photo snapped by paparazzi outside a nightclub? Paddy Power offers that as well. You can even bet on the royal baby’s career, the name of its first boyfriend or girlfriend and which magazine will obtain the first exclusive royal baby photos.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s due date has not been revealed publicly, but it’s widely known that Middleton is expected to give birth sometime in the middle of this month.

According to Paddy Power, both July 10 and July 11 are the most likely birth dates of the royal baby, with both dates at 7-to-1 odds. July 12 is the third likeliest at 8-to-1, with the odds increasing later in the month.

What will Will and Kate name their baby? According to Paddy Power, the royal couple is most likely to have a girl.

Charlotte leads the list of royal baby names at 4-to-1 odds, followed by Alexandra at 11-to-2 and Elizabeth at 6-to-1.

James is the most likely boy name for the royal baby, according to the Irish bookmaker, at 6-to-1 odds. James is followed by George at 7-to-1.

Whatever the sex of the royal baby, it’s most likely to have brown hair, according to Paddy Power, where the odds of a brown-haired baby are listed at 2-to-1. Black hair is at 5-to-2 odds while long shots red and blonde are at 11-to-4 apiece.

The royal baby’s weight is favored to be on the lighter side. Paddy Power lists 10-to-1 odds that the baby will weigh either less than 5 pounds or between 5 pounds and 5 pounds 15 ounces.

Which tabloid will get the exclusive first photos of the royal baby? According to Paddy Power, odds are it will be a U.K.-based publication.

Hello magazine is the favorite at 11-to-8, followed by Tatler at 5-to-2 and Elle at 4-to-1 odds. For giggles, Paddy Power said equestrian magazine Horse and Hound has a 50-to-1 shot of landing the first royal baby photos.

The royal baby isn’t even a day old yet, but that hasn’t stopped Paddy Power from posting odds on the name of the baby’s first boyfriend or girlfriend.

If the royal baby is a girl, Robert is favored to be the name of their first boyfriend at 33-to-1. Both Howard and Edmund are close behind at 40-to-1.

A number of girls’ names share 50-to-1 odds of being the royal baby’s first girlfriend, including Phoebe, Francesca, Camilla, Arabella, Tara and Cressida.

Whenever the royal baby is ready for a companion, it’ll also be around the time they’re ready to hit the clubs.

At what age will the royal baby be when the first photo of them coming out of a nightclub is shot?

The most likely possibilities are either 16 or younger or 17 to 18. Both possibilities have 10-to-11 odds while over 18 is listed as 16-to-1.

The royal baby will have quite a while before it decides what it wants to do with its life, but Paddy Power already has odds on the possibilities.

A career in art is the favorite at 10-to-1 odds, followed by history at 12-to-1 and equestrian at 14-to-1. A career in the Royal Air Force is listed as 16-to-1.

Other notable professions: model (33-to-1), party planner (50-to-1) and journalist (90-to-1.)