It seems Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, has given Chris Brown his blessing to marry the Barbadian singer. 

“Whatever makes her happy. I hope one day she will get married. Everyone adores Chris, he's a super guy,” Fenty told Life & Style magazine, according to the Daily Mail.

“The family loved Chris Brown before they met him. I always thought he was extremely talented. He is a good person and always gave me great respect,” Fenty went on to say.

Rihanna and her father have not always had a close relationship. When she gave an exclusive interview to Oprah, Rihanna revealed that she and her father had a falling out due to his often abusive behavior towards Rihanna's mother. 

After Chris Brown's assault, however, she reflected back on her childhood and realized that he was a wonderful father.  After speaking with him again, Rihanna was able to separate how he acted as a husband from how he acted as a parent. 

Her forgiveness of her dad helped her forgive Chris Brown.

Now, three years later, Rihanna openly admits that she is still in love with the singer, telling Oprah "We love each other and we probably always will."

It is rumored that the two are planning to make their relationship public after Rihanna releases her latest album next month, aptly called ‘Unapologetic.’

While Fenty seems happy with the reuniting of Rihanna and Chris Brown, Jay-Z, who started Rihanna’s career in 2005 when he signed her to Def Jam Recordings, allegedly warned Brown about hurting her again. 

According to Perez Hilton, a source told him that at Jay-Z’s concert performance at Barclay’s Center in New York, the rapper “called Chris to one side and told him if he hurts Rihanna, whether emotionally or physically, it’s over for him. He’ll ensure it will result in the end of his career.”

Meanwhile, Jay-Z allegedly told Rihanna that "if Chris truly makes her happy then go for it."